Getting into Embroidery

My aunt Carol taught me to cross stitch when I was a little girl. She and my aunt Dana are accomplished cross-stitchers, having produced works of art and craftsmanship that are still framed in their homes. I did a few pieces as a girl, but it never really clicked for me– possibly because of a tendency to lose count.

A few years ago, I tried a small needlepoint piece at the urging of a friend who does things like recreate tapestries in needlepoint. Again, the counted nature of it wasn’t quite for me, but she also gave me a book on various embroidery techniques. In addition to the chapter on needlepoint, there were a number of surface stitches. I picked up a few kits, which introduced me to crewel, to satin stitch and stem stitch. Everyone got dishtowels for Christmas that year.

Fast forward a few years and I got the urge to stitch my own designs, applying the various techniques I’ve dabbled in, and coming up with ways to explore new techniques. Hence this blog: a way for me to keep a record of projects I’m working on–perhaps a bit easier to sift through than my current system of random sheets of loose paper.


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