Doodling with Thread

While I was working out the drawings for the needle book, I had about a week with no specific project to work on, which made it a good time to experiment with techniques. I have no specific use in mind for these; it’s like doodling in the sketchbook. (Sachet aside, that is; but it started as a doodle, too. It was meant to be given away, but one of the seams came out wonky, with no time to rip and redo it. To my sock drawer it goes.)

The buttonhole stitch larkspur is something I’ve been wanting to try, because: pretty, and in the hoop is a hibiscus, which is also an opportunity to practice long and short stitch.

Does anyone else do this? What do you do with the finished pieces?


4 thoughts on “Doodling with Thread

  1. I love your larkspur flower. It reminds me of Diana Lampe’s style. I do ‘samples’ like these sometimes – I never know what to do with them, either. They tend to lurk together in a shoe box, labelled ‘in progress’ – but they never come out again, so there *is* no progress!

    • Thank you! I had to look up Diana Lampe– wow, her work is lovely. Putting the samples together in a box is a step I need to take. Mine are scattered in various craft bags around the house. It would probably be a good idea to centralize them, so if I ever want to go back to them for future reference I could actually find them!

      • It does help to keep them all together if I store them in the box, but I still end up thinking that I’ve kind of ‘wasted’ them, by not making them up into something, and then displaying them! But then, the point of samples is just that, really – testing out an idea, which doesn’t always have to be made into a completed project 🙂

      • I have this vague idea of mounting them on card stock and putting them in binder. That would be for some future point when my act is REALLY together, though. 🙂

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