Interlaced Double Running Stitch

This probably falls in the annals of me missing the obvious, but I’m putting it here for future reference so at least I won’t miss the obvious twice, and also noting this method of rounding the corners. When I started adding the interlaced running stitch border to the carnation needle book, it looked wrong. After some experimentation I got it looking right. It all came down to which way the needle was pointing.

To make this stitch, you start with two parallel lines of running stitch:

The instructions I used said to lace the thread through the stitches, so that’s what I started out doing. After looking at that picture, I pointed the needle outside-in, or always toward the middle of the stitches.

Then, for the second round of lacing the running stitch, I took the needle in the same direction, outside-in.

It looks fine, but it’s not what I had in mind. On closer examination, it looked as though the lacing needed to align differently. So I did the initial lacing the same way, outside-in:

But for the second round of lacing, I went inside-out, or pointing the needle from the middle of the two lines of running stitch toward the outside.

That’s more the sinuous ribbony interlacing I was looking for! And the corner:

In case the outside-in, inside-out didn’t make sense, here is an extremely high-tech technical diagram of the direction of the needle on the first and second rounds of interlacing.


4 thoughts on “Interlaced Double Running Stitch

  1. Brilliant! Your adaptation works much better for the project you’re working on, although the ‘original’ version would be fine for something else. Very clear instructions, thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you, Janet. I thought the “wrong” version looked fine, but not what I wanted for the needlebook.

    Glad the instructions made sense! I worry that some things might get lost in translation between brain and page. πŸ™‚

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