Tangled Up in Blues

So, does thread match up after 20-30 years?

Initial visual assessment (new thread laid across stitching with old thread) was promising:

But you don’t actually know until you start stitching.

And it’s pretty clear that although they are very close, the two dye lots (separated by decades!) are not the same. The new thread is a little bit darker, and a little less green–the old one was leaning more toward teal, and this one is just a touch bluer.

Here they are in direct sunlight:

The difference is pretty clear.

Am I going to unpick the stitches I’ve done thus far and redo them with sufficient quantities of the current dye lot? Ha ha! No. No, I’m not. Does the difference bother me? Not particularly. First of all, it’s not that drastic a difference. Second, much of it will be covered up by other colors, which are the same dye lot as on every other petal. Third, this is the kind of thing I doubt most people will even notice, and since this intended for personal enjoyment in my embroidery bag, I’m not going to sweat it, but chalk it up as proof of the maxim that you should always buy enough thread in the same dye lot. I’m actually very impressed at how close the two blues are, over a span of so many years. Well played, DMC.

Now that I have this blue, the final petal should fly along. Then it’s the spine, the scissors pocket, and simply (?) a matter of finishing it.


2 thoughts on “Tangled Up in Blues

  1. I dont think you should unpick it either. firstly cos you get natural variations in colour in anything botanical, and second because any dye method varies – you can’t be expected to make it match. Oh, that and you wouldn’t notice unless someone pointed it out or you happened to be an anally retentive nerd who likes to irritate people with how clever you aren’t

    its looking very pretty, btw

    • You do have to figure that anyone pointing it out would be trying to upset me. I am actually very pleased with how close the blue is to the 20+ year old thread. Could have been far more different.

      Thank you. I’m excited to be closing in on the end of it.

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