A few years back, I made temari for everyone in my family for Christmas. I also made several for our Christmas tree. Then I took a break from them. The book I used got boxed up when we moved, and it wasn’t as though I was lacking in other things to sew. Recently I found the book and have been getting back into making them– starting with the simpler ones and working my way back up to the more complex ones. As you do when you’re years out of practice.

These are the new ones, done on a simple 4 (squares) and simple 8 (chrysanthemum) base:

It’s coming back to me. I’m going to try a more complex base for the next one. This one from a few years back is still my favorite:

I think it’s done on a complex 10 base (I wouldn’t swear to it though,) and I used floss instead of pearl cotton, which is a commonly used thread (and what I used on the others.)

Temarikai.com is a marvelous resource for patterns and how-to articles if you’re curious. The simpler temari don’t take long at all (and really, neither do the more complex ones relative to a lot of embroidery projects.) I love how they look piled in a bowl, or sitting on a shelf, or (long-term goal) all over our Christmas tree.


2 thoughts on “Temari!

  1. Wow, they are beautiful and thank you for being so kind and share the info about making them, some crafters are very zealous about their sources, please keep creating beautiful things for the rest of the world’s delight, šŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the kind words! I always think it’s better to share the info–part of the fun of being enthusiastic about something is sharing with other people. The more the merrier. šŸ™‚

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