Temari necklace

I’m going to call the first miniature temari a success:

I used a simple 8 rose garden design in one strand of DMC floss in various colors, and one strand of DMC metallic gold. (In other news, I had to pick up some yellow pearl cotton and spied a very fine silk pearl at the needlework store that looked idea for small temari. I resisted, but it was tough. They also had a bamboo floss that intrigued me.) I sewed a jump ring onto the obi and strung ribbon through it. Here’s how it looks on:

Excuse my blurry self-portrait. It’s, well, a self-portrait.

The intended recipient of this is my sister, whose birthday is very soon, but this was fun to make. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that other necklace wearers in my immediate family might end up getting these on gift-giving occasions.


7 thoughts on “Temari necklace

    • I’m pleased to report my sister liked it, so mission accomplished. 🙂 I have to admit I’m trying to figure out other temari that would look good small and strung on jewelry…

      • That’s good that your sister liked her present!

        I should think a row of temari balls, in graguated sizes, would look good as a necklace, but the tiny ones would be hard to do 🙂

      • I think that would look beautiful, but yes, the extremely small ones would be difficult! I saw on the internets somewhere that someone used wooden beads as a core for a miniscule temari, but I have thus far been unsuccessful in wrapping one and not having it look completely crap. Not to say I won’t keep trying. 🙂

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