Tail Progress

Much happier with the Turkey work on this squirrel than on the experimental mice. Thanks to all the suggestions from everyone, I padded his face with felt to get more dimension so that his tail wouldn’t overwhelm him completely.

The initial loops:

I added a line of split stitch to push the tail fur away from his body:

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Little Creatures

My sister’s family tree is ticking along. The baby shower is this Saturday. Will I finish it in time? (It doesn’t actually matter whether I do or not; the baby’s not due for another month, and I will definitely have finished it by then. It would be nice to give it to her at the shower, though.)

I’ve finished the tree itself, added leaves, and started on some creatures:

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Family Tree

When a new baby’s on the way, an embroiderer has a plethora of gift options. Bibs? Check. Clothes? Check. Burp cloths? Likewise. In this particular case, I thought I’d make a family tree for the baby’s room (or wherever) to commemorate the upcoming occasion of my becoming an aunt.

I’ve started the tree in what I believe is Bella Lusso Merino wool (but it’s left over from another project, so the only thing I’m certain of is that it’s wool.) The ground fabric is a piece of one of my dad’s old shirts.

I’m going to put my sister’s name above the leftmost root, and my brother-in-law’s over the rightmost. My current nephew will go over this branch:

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And then sometimes things just don’t work

So I had a vision for these little mice I started working on some time back. I thought I’d make their faces in split stitch and use Turkey stitch for their bodies for extra! fluffy! cuteness! In my head, it was adorable.

But even though the embroidery communicated the lines of the drawing, it lost something for me. After looking at it for a while, I think I know what it is and what I’d do differently next time.

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