Family Tree

When a new baby’s on the way, an embroiderer has a plethora of gift options. Bibs? Check. Clothes? Check. Burp cloths? Likewise. In this particular case, I thought I’d make a family tree for the baby’s room (or wherever) to commemorate the upcoming occasion of my becoming an aunt.

I’ve started the tree in what I believe is Bella Lusso Merino wool (but it’s left over from another project, so the only thing I’m certain of is that it’s wool.) The ground fabric is a piece of one of my dad’s old shirts.

I’m going to put my sister’s name above the leftmost root, and my brother-in-law’s over the rightmost. My current nephew will go over this branch:

…with his birthdate below it, and the new baby’s name will go above this branch:

…with the birthdate below. The other branches (and roots) are getting a collection of flowers, fruit, and animals. And the tree will have leaves. The whole thing will then get mounted in a hoop (smaller than the hoop I’m working it in) to be hung on a wall in my sister’s house. I’m going to leave extra room around the two lowest branches on the off chance that they procreate again.

Should be a fun project, and hopefully fun for the kids to see their names on the wall as they get older.

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