Tail Progress

Much happier with the Turkey work on this squirrel than on the experimental mice. Thanks to all the suggestions from everyone, I padded his face with felt to get more dimension so that his tail wouldn’t overwhelm him completely.

The initial loops:

I added a line of split stitch to push the tail fur away from his body:

Then it was time for the haircut.

Then that haircut needed a haircut.

I added another row of split stitch in a darker brown to get more definition between the body and the tail, and I’m pleased with how he turned out. His belly is also Turkey stitch, but with a much more severe haircut. I like the contrast.

Another aspect of this that I worked out as I went was the lettering, and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Forgive my blurry photo; I’ll try for a better picture next time. I neglected to take any progress shots, but I still have one date to stitch in, so I’ll remedy that. I chose a font (Bookman Old Style, one of my favorite serif fonts) and printed out the names and dates in 12 point. I then traced them onto tracing paper and cut out squares with the names on them. I basted them into place, then stitched the names over the tracing paper. (I used backstitch with one strand of floss.) When I was done, I tore the paper away and filled in any gaps.

Next time, I’ll have pictures of the finished project (except for that one date, yet to be determined!) and a few other things I’ve been working on.


3 thoughts on “Tail Progress

    • Thank you both for the compliment and for checking i! Sorry about the radio silence. Everything has been great–I have had my hands full, as we had our second child the 10th of September. Been away from the computer. 🙂

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