Chain Stitch Flowers: finished

SAMSUNGFinished! This was fun to mess around with and gave me some good ideas as to how I can use chain stitch in future projects. I’m not sure what, if anything, I’ll do with the finished piece, but not everything needs to be about the end result; sometimes the process of making something is the point.

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The Cats Came Back

CatssssProgress on the cat pillow is creeping along.I’ve been filling in the bodies first and saving the faces for later, as I’ve decided how to handle the fur.

These ladies are meant to be somewhat stylized rather than a more photorealistic needlepainted style. That being said, I still wanted the stitches to follow the way their fur grows so it doesn’t look completely flat.

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Ch-ch-ch-Chain Stitch

blue flowers by moonlight

I got started playing with chain stitch pursuant to the revelation of how easy it is to stitch backwards and can’t seem to stop. From the swirly lines of last week, I doodled some flowers and a moon, atop a yin-yang-ish plot of ground. I varied the number of strands of floss, four in the moon and the left-hand vine, to two for the flowers and the right-hand vine, to six for the ground. Six is really too big for this small a design; I’m much happier with how four and two look.

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A Bevy of Biscornu


Over the last few months, I’ve made a few biscornu, which are basically constructed of two squares sewn together, with the point of one square meeting in the middle of a line of the other square. (More detailed explanation here.) I made these because the cat project was too big to hold when a baby fell asleep on my lap, but a small hoop worked well.

The blue one came about because I wanted to try out Griffin stitch after reading about it on Mary Corbet’s blog, and of the three, it’s my favorite. More photos below the cut.

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Chain Stitch Backwards


Jenny Hart has kind of blown my mind with this blog post on a technique her student Kirsten showed her for making chain stitch:

If you’ve ever had trouble achieving an even chain stitch, check it out. The gist of it is that by constructing the chain stitch backward, you have more control over the tension and placement of the stitches. I doodled a couple of swirls on a spare piece of fabric last night and gave it a shot.


This is so much easier for me, and the end results are far more aesthetically pleasing. I can’t believe I never thought of trying it this way.

Cats: They’re What’s for Christmas

SAMSUNGAlthough you may note that Christmas was some time ago. This is going to be an 18″ by 18″ pillow for my mom, featuring her three cats, a black cat and two silver tabbies. I started it in October with the optimistic thought that I could finish it in time to have it under the tree for her.

Ha ha ha ha.

But now that the little guy is starting to sleep on more of a schedule, I’m actually starting to have my hands free while we watch tv in the evenings, so hopefully this project will pick up some steam. I’d like to give it to my mom before next Christmas. More details as things progress.