Ch-ch-ch-Chain Stitch

blue flowers by moonlight

I got started playing with chain stitch pursuant to the revelation of how easy it is to stitch backwards and can’t seem to stop. From the swirly lines of last week, I doodled some flowers and a moon, atop a yin-yang-ish plot of ground. I varied the number of strands of floss, four in the moon and the left-hand vine, to two for the flowers and the right-hand vine, to six for the ground. Six is really too big for this small a design; I’m much happier with how four and two look.

I varied it a little bit for this flower, filling with not only straight chain stitch in the center petal, but also detached chain squished together in the center petals. The outer petals I filled with what I want to call a leaf stitch, but my stitch dictionary tells me that I’m wrong. Basically it’s open detached chain stitches stacked tightly next to each other.

Blue flower

I plan on playing around with the filling stitches on the larger left-hand flowers as well. It’s definitely not how I usually stitch petals, but it’s fun to play around with a different method.


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