Finished: Kingfisher

Or should I say King-finished?

KingfinishedI am absolutely pleased with how he turned out. If you were to compare him to the picture on the kit you would see a few differences, (some due to my errors in transferring the design, some due to the learning curve as I stitched him, and some just because different people will stitch differently,) but nonetheless,  I’ll be proud to hang him on a wall somewhere.

head shot!The colors are just beautiful. Makes me wish we had kingfishers where I live! Speaking of the colors:

project boxThere were a lot of them! Before I started stitching, I pulled them into a project box. It made it easier to find them when I needed them. I was a little skeptical looking at all these colors for this one little bird before I started, but no more. Without so many you wouldn’t get the beautiful blended effect.

Having done the kit, I would recommend it without reservations. The instructions and photos were very clear. It’s available as a digital download, which put it within my budget. Trish Burr’s shop has both kits and downloads, and this one is here should you wish to try it yourself.


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