Cat progress

I had put the cats aside for a while, but recently I realized that, should I wish to finish them by THIS Christmas (which for those of you keeping score at home would be a year after I intended to give them to my mother LAST Christmas,) I ought to get going on them again.

So I pulled them off, got out the black and gray wool, and here’s where we are.

Cats!Still a ways to go, but coming along. I anticipate some stitching time in the upcoming weeks, and I’d like to get these knocked out. I’ve got an assortment of colored wool for the background and plan on trying out a number of filler stitches in many colors since the cats themselves are pretty monochrome.


10 thoughts on “Cat progress

  1. Thank you! I had to use a few different photos for reference–generally speaking if they’re that close in real life it means they’re about to wrestle. 🙂

    • Thank you! The two stripes are silver tabbies, and the big black one is a neighborhood cat. We met her mother when we were out walking and were completely charmed, so when we heard there were kittens, we were thrilled. She’s an awesome cat.

      I have to confess, I hope the cats like it & end up napping on it too. Extra cat hair for extra realism. 🙂

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