It’s Saturday! Have some cat faces. I decided that the poor little cat eyes looked blank and disturbing without any color, so I went ahead and filled in with cotton floss. Hopefully it looks shiny next to the wool I’m using for the fur. For the eyes, I radiated straight stitches out from the pupil, and for the noses, I filled in with split stitch.

Cat face!

I’ve filled in number of the black stripes on the right-hand cat and now just have loads of grey and white to stitch.

Ready for my close up, Mr. DeMilleI see that SyFy has plans for a Sharkathon today, and it’s rainy outside, so I may well make some progress on this. (Sharktopus, y’all!)



6 thoughts on “Caturday

    • If it’s a movie on the SyFy channel involving predators gone wrong or inimical weather, I’m so there. Bonus points if it features Lou Diamond Phillips as a sheriff. (Seriously, he must own his own costume by now.) Perfect stitching movies.

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