The Final Catdown

Right-hand kitty is almost done:

JasmineI had to move the fabric from a q-snap frame to a hoop to work her tail. The fabric I’m using is cut from one of my dad’s old shirts, so there’s not a whole lot of extra to work with. So right now I’m working a hoop full of cat butt.

jaz tailI anticipate finishing the cat portion of the embroidery fairly soon. Then it’ll be time to pick some filler stitches for the background. I’m looking forward to it.

the girls


4 thoughts on “The Final Catdown

    • Thanks, Caine! When we were going through dad’s clothes after he died I snagged a bunch of shirts to use for projects for my family. (I did the family tree for my sister on another.) I’m going to use the button side (possibly still with the pocket, haven’t decided yet) for the back.

    • Anything that gives me an excuse to reminisce is welcome, honestly. And it’s also appropriate on another layer because the stripey cats were a gift from my dad to my mom.

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