Seed Stitch Variations

catsClosing in on the finish!

I mentioned before that I haven’t used much seed stitch before. I added it to another panel here and it was fun to work. I tried varying the stitch a little just to see what different effects I could get. The results were fun (though I doubt anyone but me is ever going to notice in person!)

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Background stitches

We spent last week in an undisclosed location.


(It was the beach.)

In between swimming and eating remarkably well, I did get a few stitches in.

SAMSUNGAs you can see, I was too lazy to take the hoop out, but when I finish the current green section, I’ll take a better picture. It’s been a lot of fun winging the background of the piece and exploring new-to-me stitches. Cretan stitch, in the purpley-blue section on the right was a blast to work.

I’m looking forward to blocking this and figuring out how to construct the pillow. I’m very pleased with how it’s coming out.

Color and more color

ColorI wondered how many posts I could title Caturday before the internet rose up and strangled me, so I’m focusing on the color aspect of this one instead. More filling stitches!

I’ve taken the opportunity to play around with French knots inside lattice stitch, whipped stem stitch, and seed stitch, which is such a basic filler, but for some reason I’ve always avoided it. Because it’s such a flat filler, it contrasts nicely here with the raised stem stitch swirls.

colorTo the right, you also see feather and fly stitch next to plain old fly stitch in what is thus far the most open of these blocks of filler stitches.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


And so it begins

The background, that is. I’m pretty much winging it with various filler stitches in randomly-drawn blocks.

It begins

The top shape is lattice stitch filled with alternating French knots, green in wool, blue in cotton floss. The lower shape is buttonhole stitch in wool, whipped with wool and floss. The borders between shapes are stem stitch and whipped chain stitch. Part of the fun here is going to be varying the filler stitches and exploring some that I haven’t used as much before. (Buttonhole stitch as a filler instead of a border is new to me, as far as I recall.)

The plan, such as it is, is for the foreground to proceed more or less in rainbow order left to right, and the background to reverse it. So while I’m starting with blues and greens in the lower left, and planning to end with red-purples in the lower right, the upper left will have red-purples and go through some variation on ROYGBIV to blue-greens in the upper right. It makes sense in my head, anyway.

My palette here is determined by the scraps of wool that I have, which are left over from other projects. I’m introducing elements of cotton floss as well to expand my color range to better fit the range I want. I may end up going to the store to supplement my wool, but I’m trying to avoid that. This is supposed to be a stash buster, not a stash expander.

The border of the image is Noro Silk Garden couched with tapestry wool. I had some left from a long-stalled knitting project, and this seemed like a good way to use some of it.