Color and more color

ColorI wondered how many posts I could title Caturday before the internet rose up and strangled me, so I’m focusing on the color aspect of this one instead. More filling stitches!

I’ve taken the opportunity to play around with French knots inside lattice stitch, whipped stem stitch, and seed stitch, which is such a basic filler, but for some reason I’ve always avoided it. Because it’s such a flat filler, it contrasts nicely here with the raised stem stitch swirls.

colorTo the right, you also see feather and fly stitch next to plain old fly stitch in what is thus far the most open of these blocks of filler stitches.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “Color and more color

  1. I think those look great! I love the contrast of lighter, warmer colours now, and the seed stitch works surprisingly well. (That’s one I’ve avoided too, but I don’t know why.)

    • I think I’ve been nervous? apprehensive? possibly just lazy? about making the randomization look good and not too uniform. It was actually pretty fun to work, and I ended up really liking how it looked. I will be using using it again on this piece. 🙂

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