Seed Stitch Variations

catsClosing in on the finish!

I mentioned before that I haven’t used much seed stitch before. I added it to another panel here and it was fun to work. I tried varying the stitch a little just to see what different effects I could get. The results were fun (though I doubt anyone but me is ever going to notice in person!)

three seedsEach tornado-shaped section of seed stitch is slightly different. The effect I hoped for was for lighter seeds on the left, heavier on the right. I don’t think I accomplished this to any noticeable degree, but I’ll tell you more about the variations.

phase 1The section on the left is the classic seed stitch: small straight stitches scattered at random. The hardest thing about this stitch (for me) is keeping the stitches at irregular intervals. The section on the right is a variation in which pairs of stitches are scattered, rather than a solitary stitch. So they’re like little = rather than -. Some of my equals signs are more like trapezoids, but that’s fine with me.

phase 2The final section was back to scattered single stitches, but longer than those in section one. Another name for seed stitch is rice stitch, and if the first section looks more like seeds, this section is definitely closer to rice.

The plantlike tendrils are ear-of-wheat stitch, so this is a section of botanical stitches–appropriate for the color green.



10 thoughts on “Seed Stitch Variations

  1. I love it. They look fabulous. The background you’re doing is inspiring to me, as I’m terribly anal and need to draw everything out first. Sometimes, you can’t do that.

    • Thank you! Completely winging the background has been something of a departure from how I usually work, but it’s also been kind of freeing. (As has been the knowledge that if an experiment fails, I can always pick it out. 🙂 )

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