Glacial progress

…is still progress. Even when life doesn’t seem to want to cooperate to make stitching time, I’m getting a few minutes in here and there. I anticipate finishing the cats during the football game tonight.

so very very closeThat last little bit won’t take too long, so I’ll probably bring a backup project as well. I’ve got a project in mind that’s vast (perhaps insanely so) in scope for which I want to do a few test pieces.

I’ll be happy to get this pinned and blocked so I can assemble the pieces.

As you can see, I had some help photographing this.

my helperThis is three seconds after the first shot. I’m glad he likes it!


4 thoughts on “Glacial progress

  1. Looking good! It’s amazing what you can achieve by slipping in 10 minutes stitching when you can. I bet it was lovely cracking open the coloured thread after the intense grey/black/white stitching for the cats!

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