Experimenting with Color

As I mentioned here, a while back I stumbled across the work of Kimika Hara. Her work has me thinking about how I approach color. My approach to animals has mostly been what I would call more naturalistic, tending toward the specific colors one might actually find on said animal. But–why not play with other colors?

So here goes. I started with a base of two strands of floss in fairly tame, natural colors (except on the animals’ faces, where I used a single strand):

baseline foxThen I started adding color.

I started with single strands of blues and purples in shadowed areas, and gold and peach where the light would hit.

colors like a foxHere’s a closer look.

fox tail(You can see these latter two pictures were taken at a different time of day and location than the first!)

So far I like it, but I also think I can go further with it. My instinct was to start relatively small in adding touches of color, but it would also be fun to go wilder. I’ll keep you posted!


6 thoughts on “Experimenting with Color

    • Thank you! I’ll definitely show more of the hedgehog. He’s still in the base stage–I haven’t added any colors not found in nature. But I’ll show him when I do.

  1. I think your subtle use of colour is beautiful here, and I like that it’s more on the light play/intriguing side, rather than the shouty side. Bright, primal colours can work beautifully, but there’s plenty of room for subtlety, too.

    • Thank you, Caine. I’m hoping to get a more whimsical palette but not without going completely off the rails, so thanks for that comment. 🙂 There’s certainly styles that would work with both, and I may experiment further in that direction, but for this piece subtle(r) is what I want.

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