Fox and Hedgehog

More color! Hedgie close upI kind of remembered to take a picture of the hedgehog before I started adding color. This is almost the base state–I added a bit of fox red and some yellow highlights. Then I got started with more of the purple and blues.

hedgie 2I’ve been trying to keep the yellow and peach along the top and right of the fox and the hedgehog, as that’s the direction of my imaginary light source, and the blues and purples more in the shadows. However, I think both colors need to be pulled more toward the middle–in this respect, I think the hedgie is more successful than the fox.

closer fox and hedgieI’ve learned an important lesson here: work the face first. If you don’t like the most expressive focal point, why waste time embroidering the rest? (These guys aren’t done, so the jury’s still out, but there are definitely things I’ll do differently next time.)

I get so focused on the details, it’s good to pull back and look at it from afar sometimes.

SAMSUNGI think it holds together better with a little distance.


8 thoughts on “Fox and Hedgehog

  1. I have a soft spot for hedgehogs, and that one is a beauty. I love the fox’s face, the expression is wonderfully lively and playful, and just a bit sly.

    • Thank you! I’ve never met a hedgehog in person, though I’ve always wanted to. Maybe someday.

      I’m so glad the fox’s expression is coming through! I sweated that aspect of the drawing and then crossed my fingers I wouldn’t lose it as I stitched. (In my more ambitious moments I think I’d like to illustrate a children’s book with embroidery. One idea is one that would center on a fox.)

    • Thank you so much! It’s just a test piece, so I don’t have any plans for when it’s finished. I’ll let you know. 🙂

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