Peacock Progress


peacock tail

I’ve been stitching along on the Canevas Folies Peacock kit. I finished the wing and moved on to the tail.

The first part of the tail is lots of long and short stitch with one strand of a variegated thread. It’s fun to watch the colors slowly mutate from one to the next. I didn’t do a terribly precise stitch, but kind of fudged it as needed to fill in around the scales.

I also added the beak, eye, and crest, which definitely give the head  a more finished look. When I did the legs, I added bullion stitch claws because any excuse for a bullion knot, really. See below for an extreme claw close up. Now I’m working on filling in all the scales. It’s very satisfying to watch all the blank canvas fill in. I’m very much enjoying working on the bird himself, but I’m also looking forward to all the foliage and flowers.



bullion stitch claws