Beautiful Work by Kimika Hara

KHaraI’ve been staring at these pieces by Kimika Hara all weekend. I love the use of color. Painterly is the word that keeps springing to mind.  I couldn’t be more charmed.

Many gorgeous pieces at her flickr at the link above.


Finished: Kingfisher

Or should I say King-finished?

KingfinishedI am absolutely pleased with how he turned out. If you were to compare him to the picture on the kit you would see a few differences, (some due to my errors in transferring the design, some due to the learning curve as I stitched him, and some just because different people will stitch differently,) but nonetheless,  I’ll be proud to hang him on a wall somewhere.

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Kingfisher Progress

Slowly but surely, the kingfisher is coming along.

Trish Burr Kingfisher

Blazing fast progress! Actually, I set this little guy down for a while, but now that I’ve gotten back to him, he’s proceeding apace. The breast feathers have been a learning experience.

fluffy feathersThe way these feathers are worked is by slowly blending a series of colors, going back and forth to pull the stitches of one color into the previous color so that the feathers blend. The hardest part of this for me has been loosening up with the stitches so that they overlap each other, making the feathers look fluffy, rather than smoothly blended together (which is what I usually aspire to with long and short stitch.) I started at the bottom of the breast feathers, and I can see a noticeable difference between the blending close to his feet and that further up by his neck. I’m pleased at the difference in texture between his wing feathers and his breast feathers.

While he continues to be fun, next up are some birds in a completely different style. Less realism, more ribbons.

Trish Burr Kingfisher

I’ve started something new. I needed something small enough to hold over a baby when he falls asleep on my lap, and also more portable than The Cats. I have long admired Trish Burr’s needlepainted birds and flowers, so I acquired this little guy to be my small project. He’s a Kingfisher, and he’s charming. I got him as a digital download, since while Trish Burr’s kit prices are very reasonable, the international shipping is a killer.SAMSUNG

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