I finished the bee box, but before it left the house, I took a few pictures:

The bee is stitched in DMC cotton and Kreinik blending filament on muslin. These 2.6″ x 2.6″ unfinished wooden boxes are available (and inexpensive) at big box craft stores, and they are like popcorn to me. I’ve done several little peacocks and birds and flowers for box tops. (This is the first bug.) Perhaps most appealing is their portability. The design fits easily in a 4″ hoop, so they can go into a purse or backpack very easily.

The boxes come with glass, but I removed it for the bee. Part of the charm of Turkey stitch is its touchability.



The bee is in the lavender

I just finished a big, big project that took months. I like that kind of involvement with a project, but it’s also nice to knock out a quick project. To that end, I’m working on a sachet.

the bee is in the lavender

I’ve yet to decide what fabric I’m going to back it with, or how I’m going to finish it.

The other project I’m working on is going to be the inset to the lid of a little wooden box. It’s a bee in Turkey stitch:

fuzzy bee

I haven’t worked much with Turkey stitch before. It’s fun. It works up quickly and the results are excitingly fuzzy. Both the sachet and the bee box are for a charity auction themed the Birds and the Bees.

Extreme close up of bee fuzz: