In Situ and Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving, American readers and everyone else! I’m thankful for many things, but particularly relevant to this blog, I’m thankful to have finally finished this pillow and given it to my mother.

It’s sitting on my mom’s couch, where it was destined to go. I’m hoping to one day catch one of her cats napping next to it, but thus far only the cat hairs let me know that they’re appreciating it too.

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Finished: Kingfisher

Or should I say King-finished?

KingfinishedI am absolutely pleased with how he turned out. If you were to compare him to the picture on the kit you would see a few differences, (some due to my errors in transferring the design, some due to the learning curve as I stitched him, and some just because different people will stitch differently,) but nonetheless,  I’ll be proud to hang him on a wall somewhere.

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And now for something completely different.

I’m about finished with the kingfisher, but before I show you the finished project, here are some other birds I’ve been playing around with. These guys are in a completely different style, based off a painted plate my parents got on a trip to Italy.

Ribbon BirdI made this a while back, and there are some things I’d do differently now (mainly the sloppy stitching on the breast, oh well.) I wanted to play with two things–first, doing a drawing on fabric in crayon and ironing it to form a base for the stitches, and second, playing around with ribbons and beads. These birds are kind of blingtastic.

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